2023 Jimmie Camp Player and Coach!

We are looking forward to camps again this summer! It is our goal to continue to provide great instruction in an uplifting environment!

To this end, we have hired coaches who have a proven record of success not only on the court, but also in building positive relationships that put wind in others' sails! Combine this with the energy and encouragement brought by the Jimmie volleyball players and it is no wonder why Jimmie Camp is the highlight of our summer!

Of course the most important ingredient in Jimmie Camp is the campers and coaches that attend and provide the attitude and effort that truly makes this camp special. We are truly grateful for the commitment that you make in helping make Jimmie Camp a tremendous experience year in and year out!

This year we are especially excited to expand our Watford City Camp! In partnership with the Rough Rider Center and the city of Watford City, we are looking forward to bringing additional Jimmie Camp experiences out west!

We thank God for the opportunities that He has provided us in hosting these camps and are looking forward to seeing all of you this summer and can't wait to get started! Go Jimmies!!